Turbo Diesel Engines: Replacing Your Glow Plugs Easily

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Turbo Diesel Engines: Replacing Your Glow Plugs Easily

14 June 2017
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Turbo diesel engines are the way to go if you are looking for sheer, raw power without straining your vehicle too much. Unlike their petrol-powered counterparts, turbo diesel engines rely on glow plugs to wake the engine from the cold. They do not have spark plugs. In case of a problem with your glow plugs, here are some easy tips that will help you replace them appropriately:

Remove the Cover

In some models, direct access to the glow plugs can be impended by other components and guards. The first thing you need to do is look at the position of the plugs and determine what you might have to remove in order to gain access. Remove the valve covers; detach the air cleaner alongside any other components that restrict access to the glow plugs. This should be done when the engine is cold and the engine has been sitting for a while. Engine heat can cause lots of physical harm.

Get to the Plug

Once you have access to the plugs, pluck them out of the cylinder head by grabbing the socket head and pulling them out with an appropriate spanner. Some vehicles have a bus bar, which houses the plugs. Essentially, glow plugs take after spark plugs only that they have a pencil shaped section on one end.

Ream the Area

Once you have removed the old plugs, you need to ream the area in preparation for the new glow plug that you want to install. This process involves using a reamer tool to screw a reamer into the plug's pocket, then screwing it out again. Reaming is an important process that removes dirt and grime, ensuring that the new glow plug has a clean pocket to sit in after you have set it in place.

Set the New Plug

Just like the old plug, your new glow plug has a similar installation procedure. Put the new plug inside the buss bar and tighten it moderately to avoid any possible damage. After that, put it back into the terminal and screw it appropriately such that it doesn't jerk off when the engine starts to run.

Reassemble the Car

Once your plug is in place, you need to put everything back in its position. Begin with the sensitive parts like the air cleaner and work your way up to the valve covers. Make sure that you cover everything to prevent any damage. Your new plugs are now ready for your ignition needs.