The Pros and Cons of Installing Overwhelming Truck Grilles

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The Pros and Cons of Installing Overwhelming Truck Grilles

18 June 2017
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Overwhelming truck grilles are very big grilles that can appear to be oversized for a truck. These grilles are increasing in popularity among truck owners. However, some truck owners may be wondering whether it is worthwhile to install these large aftermarket grilles. This article discusses some of the pros and cons of overwhelming truck grilles. Use this information to make an informed decision about the suitability of such grilles for your truck.

The Pros

Cooler Engines. Trucks were designed to carry heavy loads. They also tow trailers that can impose a heavy toll on the truck's engine. It is, therefore, crucial that ample air enters the radiator in order to keep the engine cool as it handles that heavy load that it is carrying. The air intakes of the engine also require sufficient supplies of air so that complete combustion can take place within the engine so that the truck can have the power that it needs to move the vehicle and its loads. Large grilles make it possible for the engine to stay cool and receive sufficient supplies of air for combustion. Older models of trucks managed to operate well with the ordinary grilles because their engine bays had fewer components than today's sophisticated trucks. Thus, today's trucks need larger grilles because their engine bays are congested.

Better Aesthetics. Large grilles are imposing and immediately draw attention to your truck. Your vehicle will, therefore, appear more attractive than another truck that has a smaller grille. This advantage of large grilles is particularly important for people who use the trucks for everyday driving on streets and urban centers.

Truck Durability. Vehicles that run hot wear out sooner than those that are kept cool. This is because the metal components that are constantly hot suffer stress due to frequent expansion and contraction resulting from the temperature changes that they are subjected to. Consequently, one will have to buy replacement parts more frequently than another whose truck is kept cooler with the help of a larger grille.

The Cons

High Cost. Larger grilles are more expensive than the smaller ones. This high cost starts from the purchase cost and stretches to the installation cost. One often has to cut into the grille opening in order to install the larger grille. This increases the installation cost of the large grille.

Less aerodynamics. Larger grilles can suck in large amounts air which can increase the air resistance that the vehicle has to overcome. Some manufacturers now add grille shutters that close when you are driving on highways without carrying a heavy load. These shutters are another item that needs maintenance so that they don't get stuck.

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