3 Accessories to Add to Your Hino Truck for Outback Driving

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3 Accessories to Add to Your Hino Truck for Outback Driving

30 October 2018
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Being a truck driver in Australia can involve driving on a number of diverse roads with very different driving conditions. From busy, multi-lane motorways to scenic, winding coast roads, and everything in between. For many drivers, outback driving can be one of the most challenging environments to drive in.

Although outback roads may not have the heavy traffic that makes driving hazardous in urban areas, there are still plenty of issues that can make driving a challenge. Fortunately, you can counter many of these issues with the right accessories. Here are the three best accessories that you can add to your Hino truck to make outback driving more comfortable and safe.

1. A sun visor

In the outback, temperatures can reach scorching levels, particularly during the middle of the day. This can put a real strain on the air conditioning inside your cab and can also strain your eyes because of increased glare. A sun visor for your windscreen can help to significantly minimise both of these issues.

A sun visor for a Hino truck is a custom-made accessory that's moulded to fit perfectly onto the model you're driving. It's made from fibreglass and will provide shade for your windscreen without impairing your view of the road in any way.

2. A stone guard

Windscreen damage caused by ricocheting stones is an issue for truck drivers on any type of road. However, outback driving poses a bigger risk than city driving, even if the road is sealed. This s due to the increased amount of debris in desert areas and the fact that outback roads aren't kept clean by municipal street sweepers.

A cracked windscreen is bad news at any time, but when you're hundreds of kilometres from a big town, a cracked windscreen can make the rest of your journey very dangerous. To prevent this issue, a stone guard can be added to the front of your truck. These are made from tough aluminium mesh that sits unobtrusively below your line of sight.

3. A bull bar

While you're far less likely to be involved in a collision with another vehicle on an outback road, there are other obstacles that may cause serious damage to your truck. Kangaroos and wild pigs are the cause of many accidents on deserted stretches of outback roads every year. Hitting one of these big boys can leave you immobile in the middle of nowhere.

A bull bar is the best way to prevent major damage to the front of your truck if you hit an animal. Made from a single, solid channel that's finished with a shiny alloy coating for aesthetics, a bull bar will protect your engine, headlights and chassis from serious impact.

For more information, contact your local Hino truck parts dealer.