Hello, my name is Graham and this is my auto blog. On this blog, I would like to concentrate on the different parts of vehicles. I will also offer advice about the best way to purchase, install and maintain a range of auto parts. I am not a professional auto mechanic but over the years, I have learnt an awful lot about this topic. My dad used to be an auto mechanic so I grew up hanging around his auto workshop, listening to him explain things as he worked on different cars. I hope you find my blog useful and entertaining.

Three Simple Steps for Replacing Your Faulty Power Steering Pump

4 June 2021
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The power steering system is essential for the safe operation of vehicles. This element is designed to reduce the difficulty of turning the steering wheel while driving. If steering control depended on mechanical handling alone, the strain of controlling a vehicle would be high. Unfortunately, the performance of the system can decline due to pump faults. Power steering usually depends on hydraulic fluid, and this material is moved by the pump. Read More …

Does Your Car Need Logbook Servicing? 3 Benefits You Will Get From It

22 December 2020
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One of the biggest mistakes that vehicle owners make after buying it and using it for a while is slacking off on the maintenance. When a vehicle is new, the owner ensures that they get maintenance checks on schedule. They also follow the manufacturer's guidelines on when to service the vehicle, as stated in the logbook. Unfortunately, as the vehicle ages, they start thinking that they can get away with refusing to maintain the vehicle at the right time, and this is when the damage gets real. Read More …

How to Look after Your Car Battery – and What to Do If It Fails

8 November 2019
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Your car may be fitted with tens of thousands of individual parts, but not all of these can be regarded as "critical" to its operation. For example, the interior light bulb may fail or an individual fuse may blow, but you will still be able to drive the car from point to point. However, certain components will definitely leave you stranded by the side of the road should they decide to give up the ghost, and the humble battery is at the top of that list. Read More …

3 Accessories to Add to Your Hino Truck for Outback Driving

30 October 2018
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Being a truck driver in Australia can involve driving on a number of diverse roads with very different driving conditions. From busy, multi-lane motorways to scenic, winding coast roads, and everything in between. For many drivers, outback driving can be one of the most challenging environments to drive in. Although outback roads may not have the heavy traffic that makes driving hazardous in urban areas, there are still plenty of issues that can make driving a challenge. Read More …

Details to Consider When Choosing a Marine Battery

10 January 2018
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Your boat's battery is just as important as the battery in your car, as that battery starts the boat's engine and runs many of its components and devices, including the navigational equipment, the lights of the boat, and so on. This is why you want to ensure you choose the right battery for your boat in particular. Note a few details to remember when shopping for a new marine battery, and this can help you to find one that is the right size and which delivers enough power for your boat and equipment. Read More …