Fitting a New Part to Your Auto

Hello, my name is Graham and this is my auto blog. On this blog, I would like to concentrate on the different parts of vehicles. I will also offer advice about the best way to purchase, install and maintain a range of auto parts. I am not a professional auto mechanic but over the years, I have learnt an awful lot about this topic. My dad used to be an auto mechanic so I grew up hanging around his auto workshop, listening to him explain things as he worked on different cars. I hope you find my blog useful and entertaining.

Unmistakable Signs That Your Vehicle Needs a New Suspension

8 June 2017
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Your car's suspension system, including its shocks and struts, is just as important as any other set of parts under the hood; the suspension cushions the car from bumps and dips in the road, avoiding unnecessary wear and damage to other parts. Without a properly maintained suspension, your vehicle may be at risk for a broken axle or broken tie rods, which are very expensive repairs. Note, too, that the brakes may not work as effectively when the suspension system is in poor repair, as it's difficult to properly stop the car while it's bouncing and dipping. Read More …